Ziobaffa Organic Pinot Grigio 2020

This Pinot Grigio is made with 100% organic grapes, farmed in vineyards meeting all the EU organic criteria in Italy. Naturally low in sulphites, this non GMO wine is made at Castellani Estate in Sicily using traditional methods and modern equipment. Enjoy this with your favourite meal or alone as it delivers as a wine that takes no shortcuts.

They harvest their Pinot Grigio grapes around the middle of August in the hilly vineyards surrounding the Mediterranean sea, located on the sunny island of Sicily on beautiful soil with a unique mix of limestone and white chalk; it is a perfect place to produce pure organic natural wines!

Ziobaffa Pinot Grigio pairs well with a wide array of lighter cuisine, especially fish / shellfish, poultry, pasta in cream sauce and softer cheeses. It’s also an excellent aperitif. 

Ziobaffa is inspired by surfing, organic food, family and wine. Filmmaker Jason Baffa has been fortunate enough to travel the globe with his friends and a film-camera creating moving pictures about their love for surfing.  The films, "Singlefin: yellow," "One California Day" and the newly released and award winning, "Bella Vita," (all on iTunes) embrace the inspired life of the care-free surfing sub-culture. During a trip through Italy with surfer-environmentalist, Chris Del Moro and fifth generation winemaker, Piergiorgio Castellani,  Baffa's passion for good food, thirst-quenching libation and a few late-night practical jokes, inspired the local crew of surfers to nick-name him, Zio Baffa (Uncle Baffa).

Call it an Italian-Californian collaboration or maybe just a modern twist on an old tradition!

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