Whale Islands Syrah 2018

A great value Hawke's Bay Syrah

Moana Parks Whale Islands label pays homage to Maui most well known from Maori mythology for fishing up the North Island of New Zealand (hence the fish hook label found on all the bottles). The wine is fruit forward and made in typically new world style with notes of blackcurrant and pepper mingling on the palate. Match it with a hearty, wintery stew or a delicious hard cheese like a sharp cheddar.

13% abv.

Maui a supernatural being of Sun snaring and fire taming fame, was perhaps even better known for his next level fishing exploits  s with a fish-hook made from magical ancestral jawbone. Where he caught a whale which turned into the North Island of New Zealand or Te Ika a Maui. We honour Maui, New Zealands most beloved legend with the Whale Islands brand and the representation of the Magical Fish-hook on the Whale Islands Labels. The Fish hook represents the Hawke’s Bay, where on alluvial outwash and dried river beds we farm the Moana Park and Whale Islands wines.
- Moana Park
13% Alcohol Level
Shiraz Grapes
Screw Cap Seal

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