State of Grace Classic G&T (4x 250ml Bottles)

A deliciously inviting Juniper-rich Gin with a quality Indian tonic and a squeeze of lemon. Crisp and alive with weight and warmth, the finish is satisfyingly long and dry with a touch of quinine bitterness that makes sure you’re awake. It’s the perfect anytime refreshment, no excuse required.

93 Points / 5 Stars, Sam Kim, Wine Orbit "Beautifully lifted and inviting with classic juniper and lemon/lime peel aromas with nuances of jasmine, clove and anise. It’s finely flowing in the mouth with excellent vibrancy and intensity, finishing delightfully long and crisp-dry. Fabulously drinkable."

Zero Alcohol. No sugar. Low calorie. All natural.

From award-winning winemaking to gin distilling, State of Grace is Jo Gear's new project that's created a beautiful, no-compromise social drinking alternative. The perfect pour for the days we make a choice to go alcohol free; for the days we toast to our good health.

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