Spiegelau Beer Classic Connoisseur Gift Set

Make your own beer tasting experience with Spiegelau Beer Classic Connoisseur! Four different types of beer glasses that support the characteristics of specific beer styles.

  • Includes four glasses; a stemmed pilsner, lager, wheat beer, and tall pilsner beer glass
  • Lead-free crystal produced in Germany
  • Thin, laser-cut and polished rims maximize drinking pleasure
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Unique platinum finishing process increases durability and adds a brilliant shine

Each of these glasses is specially thin blown, and has a thin rim that lifts the perception of mouth feel and taste. The beer specific glass shape supports the beer in releasing its full spectrum of flavours and delivers them to nose and mouth.

  • Wheat Beer - 238mm x 81mm dia, 700ml

The design of this tall glass accentuates the aromas and flavours naturally found in wheat beers. It is large in size, designed to hold volume and a fluffy head. Ideal for German wheat beer, Belgian White, Wheat-Ale.

  • Lager - 180mm x 82mm dia, 560ml

Shape and volume of the Lager glass resemble those of a traditional pint glass.  Being slightly wider at the mouth than at the foot, this glass balances the 'hoppy nose'. Ideal for Powerful IPA's, Pale Lagers, Ales, English Strong Ale.

  • Beer Tulip - 155mm x 90mm dia, 440ml

The Beer Tulip not only enhances the hop flavour in Pilsner style beers but also supports the malty character of bolder beers like strong Stouts. The open mouth allows for an intense release of flavours.  Ideal for Powerful Stouts, Belgian style ales.

  • Tall Pilsner - 220mm x 64mm dia, 425ml

The Tall Pilsner glass is the classic shape to suit a German style Pilsner.  The slim shape of the glass channels the dry hop aroma to the nose, enhances the light golden colour and the stable head of these beers. Ideal for German style Pilsner, Bohemian style Pilsner.