Sly Dog Organic Whiskey 500ml

Creamy butter, light florals, almond, dried fruits, light banana, apple and ironically chocolate notes.

Serve neat or on the rocks. You could also try as a Sazerac or Sidecar!

A certified organic pure malt Whisky crafted in Spain in an 150 year old distillery and bottled here in NZ. It's been matured in French Cognac Barrels for 4 years so if you're looking for something unique and quality with a full flavour and smooth finish, look no further.

Black Gold Add a douce of Sly Dog whisky with half a fresh lemon and honeyed sugar syrup then 1 drop of sesame oil and shake. Serve in a glass coated with Frangelico. 

Sour Dog 1/3 Freshly squeezed Lemon, 2/3 Sly Dog Whisky, egg white and 3 drops of Angostura bitters. Shaken and strained.

Guinness Drop Prepare a half glass of Guinness then, in a shot glass, mix half Sly Dog and half Bailey's. Drop the shot into the beer and enjoy!

40% abv.

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