Santa Marta Amaretto (500ml)

This amaretto is a classic Italian liqueur made from macerated roasted cocoa beans, vanilla pods, apricot kernels, bitter almonds, sweet orange zest and orange blossom in water and alcohol. After a short fermentation this infusion is distilled and mixed with a sugar syrup and more alcohol.

Amaretto is added to desserts, including ice cream, which enhances the flavour of the dessert with almonds and complements chocolate. Tiramisu, a popular Italian cake, is often flavoured with either real amaretto or alcohol-free amaretto aroma. Amaretto is often added to whipped cream.

Amaretto may be served neat (by itself) or on ice. It is often added to other beverages to create several popular mixed drinks. It is also a popular choice of liqueur to add to coffee in the morning.

Distillerie Francoli, in Ghemme (north Italy), was founded by Luigi Francollie and is still family owned. It is famous for his grappas however they also produce a fine range of liqueurs under the Santa Marta label.


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