San Pellegrino Clementina (24x 330ml Cans) BB:30.06.20

Mamma Mia! Premium Italian soft drinks at clearance prices thanks to us snapping up short-dated stock.

"The delicate and unforgettable taste of juicy fruits transports you to Southern Italy scents, a scenic landscape where the sun always shines. Sanpellegrino Clementina opens with a lovely bouquet of ripe clementine and orange on the nose which forms the most refreshing and rich taste in the mouth, accentuated by the delightful flavour of clementine." - San Pellegrino

Best Before: 30th June 2020 - Although this sparkling water is short-dated we are assured it'll drink well up to 12 month past this date. If ever you find the quality isn't up to scratch we'll refund or replace no questions asked. Our 100% guarantee is there to ensure you enjoy what you order.

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