Riegele Mixed 6 Bottle Case (6x 330ml Bottles)

Taste your way through the award-winning range of Riegele beers to give yourself a truly Bavarian beverage experience!

Each case contains one bottle of each of -

Riegele Augsburger Herren Pils A premium craft Pilsener that's crisp, clean and perfectly hopped. Augsburg has been steeped in great brewing tradition since 1156 when Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa issued it the first known purity law in Germany. It's now celebrated internationally as a balanced, well-structured Pilsener. 4.7% abv.

Riegele Commerzienrat Privat It's a benchmark setter for craft festival lagers with a crisp, elegant, and complex character,. It's perfectly balanced with a clean and remarkably smooth finish thanks to the Riegele husk separation process. 5.2% abv.

Riegele Feines Urhell A classic Bavarian lager described as a "bright joy" by Riegele. For generations maintained with love, classically brewed, unpasteurized, and matured in peace. Refreshing with a fine, balanced, malty and hoppy taste. 4.7% abv.

Riegele Speziator Dunkel As a European Gold Star winner, Speziator Dunkel sets the standard for imperial dark lagers. The dark counterpart to Speziator Hell. Also brewed by Bavarian monks over 300 years ago, Doppelbock Dark is distinguished by its dark but fiery color, elevated alcohol content, and velvety mouthfeel. 7.5% abv.

Riegele Speziator Hell A Bavarian imperial lager, steeped in generations of tradition, which was first brewed by monks over 300 years ago. Now it's a gold medal winning beer distinguished by its rich gold color, elevated alcohol content, and velvety mouthfeel. 8.5% abv.

Riegele Weizen Doppelbock Described as the “Emperor” of the Weizenbocks, this gold medal winning brew from Riegele achieves strength and character through its own unique yeast strain which is combined in a two-mash brewing process with Pilsner malt, wheat malt, and Munich malt. It's a robust yet smooth wheat beer that has established with a keen international following. 8% abv.

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