Pierre D'Amour Shiraz 2018

Final clearance wines from one of Australia's top 20 wine producers. Get in quick - stock's are extremely limited!

A sensuous Shiraz with dark berry fruit aromas and oak driven notes of cinnamon. A generous palate with a touch of elegance. Fresh plum, blueberry and raspberry coulee supported by French oak driven notes of clove and five spice. 

Selected from two single vineyard sites from the Hilltops region in N.S.W, selected specifically for Pier D’Amour Shiraz, due to ample flavour, colour and evenness of ripening. 2018 in Hilltops N.S.W brought solid Winter rains, which set up excellent soil moisture profiles. January and February were warm and dry allowing the vines to transition well from vegetative growth into ripening of fruit. There was a welcome absence of any sustained hot spells, with cool nights aiding in retaining fresh and bright flavours, with acids in check. The Shiraz harvest began in the region towards the middle of March, closer to the long-term average after several hot dry early vintages, which allowed harvest to occur in optimal cooler conditions.

Enjoy now or cellar for up to seven years.

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