Piccini Prosecco Goccia Rosé DOC

A playful, bright Rose with fine perlage. Ripe red berries and white flowers on the nose. The wine is extremely fresh yet supple.

Glera, used for Prosecco wines, and Pinot Nero grapes are harvested and vinified separately. Goccia Rosa is the resulting blend of different selected selected Glera cuvée with a small addition of Pinot Nero red wine. The Charmat method, second fermentation in pressurized tank, fully express the red berries fruit and rose petal flavors typical of Pinot Noir. This noble grape variety adds up body and complexity to the floral and elegant Glera-based wine.

The ideal sparkling to be enjoyed on its own. Great as aperitif but also with oily fish, such as salmon, or sushi in general. Try it with red-fruit based dessert!

1 Alcohol Level

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