Philippe Bouchard Macon Villages 2018

New to white Burgundy? This is a fantastic entry level wine into the world of Burgundy, more specifically the Macon area in the regions south. The Macon Villages AOP allows for the production of wines made exclusively from Chardonnay and is a step up from the generic and more wide-reaching Macon AOP in a nutshell this wine is made from better quality grapes. The Bourchard shows typical Burgundian notes of ripe stone fruits and gentle oak with a citrus and mineral core, which is the result of the rolling limestone hills the vineyards are planted on. Try with chicken or a baked goat’s cheese, your weekly New World Chardy might just become a thing of the past...

4 Stars, Joelle Thomson, Wine Writer "Vin de Bourgogne from Macon is one of the best value Chardonnays on the planet. Dry, nutty and full bodied with notes of spice and layers of ripe stonefruit flavours. It’s fresh and crisp on the finish and sealed, refreshingly (for a French wine from a classic region), with a screwcap." 


12.5% abv

The wines from Macon-Villages are definitely worth exploring, filled with gems at an affordable price - and this is a perfect example of that! Ripe stone fruits like peaches, apples and a lovely mineral core which extends through to a long finish. An exceptional Chardonnay from one of the most southerly and warmer Burgundy vineyard regions. This wine asks for pan-grilled fish or grilled chicken in a light citrus sauce.

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