Pampelle Ruby Apero 700ml

Ruby-red, distilled three ways, blended with botanicals and here to zest up your Summer cocktails!

Pampelle Rub Apero is made from grapefruits grown in Corsica, France, which is nestled in the Mediterranean sea. The grapefruits are halved and macerated, with some grapefruits being distilled in coppers stills to really capture their zesty goodness.

Certain batches are then blended with botanicals and once that's all sorted the whole lot is refined in Cognac.

With it's bitter-sweet but not sugary flavour profile, mix into a spritz or even a Negroni!


Pampelle Ruby Rose

1 part Pampelle

3 parts dry Rosé

1 part soda water

Add plenty of ice to a large glass then pour in the ingredients and give a slight stir. Garnish with grapefruit and enjoy!

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