Osborne Fino Quinta Dry Sherry NV 15%

Fino Quinta is one of the most iconic Osborne brands. For more than 50 years, Fino Quinta has brought to people around the world the authentic spirit and flavour of the south of Spain. Pungent, fresh and extremely delicate wine.

View: Fino Quinta is surprisingly brilliant, shows a pale gold colour and green sparkles at the rim.

The nose is pungent and very fresh, displays remarkable almond aromas mingled with subtle green apple notes. It's extremely dry on the palate and has a wonderful salty flavour that evokes the sea of the South of Spain. An extremely unique wine.

Enjoy it always chilled or very chilled. Its elegance and harmony come into their own when accompanied with iberico ham. Perfect with seafood and shellfish. Awesome with Sushi and Sashimi.

15% Alcohol Level
Blend Grapes
Screw Cap Seal

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