Opal Nera Black Sambuca 50ml Miniature

Founded in Piedmonte, Northern Italy in 1951 by Luigi Francoli, the Francoli Distillery has a rich history of grappa production spanning five generations. Opal Nera - the original black Sambuca was created by Alessandro Francoli in 1989, while on his honeymoon, and launched in the same year in the USA and Italy. The brand has since spread to over 30 countries around the world.

Opal Nera rose quickly to prominence as a respected quality liqueur that reflected the earliest traditions of Italian distilling. Alessandro is the son of Luigi Francoli, and now President of Francoli S.p.A distillery, exporting Opal to the four corners of the world.

Opal Nera is a premium liqueur made from all natural ingredients including star anise, green anise, elderberries, coriander, the zest of Italian lemons and water drawn from a local alpine water source originally created by Leonardo da Vinci.

The ingredients are steeped in high proof sugar beet distillate, drawing out their natural flavours and essential oils, before being re-distilled to create a series of flavour distillates.

The natural black colouring of Opal Nera is obtained from the skins of the elderberry plant’s berries providing the signature touch. All of the ingredients are sourced locally in Italy - with the exception of the star anise that comes from China.

Location: Italy
Alcohol: 40%

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