O'mara's Mixed Case (6x 700ml Bottles) Short-Dated

A winter liqueur case offer for the record books! This short-dated and clearance stock mix is priced amazingly thanks to an importer clear-out. 

It includes 2x of each of -

Chocolate orange - A deliciously decadent blend of fresh Irish dairy cream and chocolate with a zesty orange finish. Great as a night cap. BB:17.08.22. 15% abv.

Lamington - A velvety and decadent cream, with notes of New Zealand’s beloved chocolate and coconut flavoured cake. 13.9% abv.

Salted caramel - Delicious, rich variation on the classic Irish Cream with caramel and toffee notes rounded off with a touch of sea salt. BB:15.08.22. 15% abv.

Although this product is short-dated, we have been assured it'll keep well up to 12 months past this date. If however you're not satisfied, we'll refund or replace, it's all part of our 100% guarantee.

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