Martin Miller Gin 50ml Miniature

Martin Miller's Original Gin, is pot distilled using two separate distillations. This imparts a unique balance of citrus and juniper. Blended to a bottling strength of 40% ABV using Icelandic Spring Water.

Botanicals include: Juniper, liquorice root, cassia, coriander seeds, dried lime peel, nutmeg, bitter orange peel, Florentine iris.

Martin Miller was a strange mix. At heart a traditionalist yet, at the same time, possessed of a strong appetite for adventure combined with an illogical and irrepressible love of the Romantic.

In creating his gin, the traditionalist in him demanded he make a gin that ‘tasted of gin’ and not, in his words, ‘of some highly flavoured confection’. To this end he insisted on only employing the methods and techniques of the ‘old school’ gin makers; sticking rigidly to their tried and tested methods and their classic range of botanicals.

Martin was an avid traveller, and had been to Tuscany, where he loved the food, but not always the juniper. He also travelled to India, and loved the food, are you spotting a theme here? Yet, while he revelled in the spice markets, he was not always impressed by the juniper found there.

Then again he would occasionally recall, a little ruefully, a junket to Macedonia where long nights were spent in the casino,

“Good food,” he’d say, “but very bad odds.”

But still he refused to gamble on the juniper he found there. Now, this was a problem.

In his opinion, juniper was a difficult and perfidious crop, varying enormously in quality from year to year. Juniper is slow growing and once the bushes reach a certain age they stop producing usable fruit. Relying on a single source, for him, was a big mistake. Rather he would select the pick of the crop, from whatever source, always choosing the fattest berries, those rich in oils and aromatic loveliness. Those and only those would make it into his gin.

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