Lunatic and Lover Botanical Silver Rum 700ml

A Kiwi made, handcrafted rum that's true to its 'botanical' name with over 10 meddling around in there; roasted dandelion and burdock root, horopito, mairehau, orange peel, nutmeg, pimento, bay leaf, orris root, cacao nib, coffee bean and green cardamom.

No sugar or flavourings have been added, and its clean, sophisticated flavours will entice the fussiest of spirit sipper. It's a rum to be enjoy neat or with premium citrus-based mixers while you admire the beautiful packaging and attention to detail.

Based in Auckland, Lunatic and Lover make rum from scratch on a copper pot still and craft by hand into small batches. The base rum is distilled from Molasses sourced from the historical Chelsea Sugar Works on Auckland’s North Shore. 

"A creation of crazed-passion, Lunatic & Lover is in our opinion the world’s finest botanical rum. Through imagination, mania, and a dash of madness, we have managed to invent a distillate which instils the very spirit of adventure."

40% abv.

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