Lo Bros Vodka with Kombucha Lime & Soda (24x 250ml Cans) BB:03.02.22

Snapped up thanks to the supplier clearing short-dated summer stocks, Lo Bros is a delicious, premium summer pre-mix.

Lo Bros Kombucha is slow brewed to be high in flavour and naturally low in sugar. They add Vodka, a dash of Lime and top it off with Soda to create a fresh take on the classic highball mixer. Lo Bros Vodka with Lime & Soda is certified Organic with 85 calories per can, 70% less sugar than leading vodka premixes and has the added bonus of having probiotics. Best enjoyed Icy cold!

4.2% abv.

Best Before: 3rd February 2022 - Although this product is short-dated, we have been assured it'll keep well up to 12 months past this date. If however you're not satisfied, we'll refund or replace, it's all part of our 100% guarantee.

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