Light House Batch Distilled Gin 50ml Miniature

Lighthouse Gin is a pure and complex Gin with magnificent lemon and juniper accents to begin, a finely spiced mid palate and soft lingering finish.

It took master distiller Neil Catherall over five years to perfect this unique gin. The hard work and research continues today with Rachel Hall as she continues the Lighthouse Gin traditions.

The gin base comes from sugar cane imported from South Africa. It’s a very pure neutral spirit at 96.4% abv, that they combine with pure water, filtered down through the New Zealand Rimutaka Ranges, and their nine hand selected botanicals, which is then macerated in the copper-pot still overnight before the first distillation.

The gin is re-distilled without the botanicals. This double distillation process creates a gin with a much more refined, smooth and elegant palate. Lighthouse Gin has a very fine, soft tone with individual botanical notes. The citrus and juniper are finely balanced giving a fresh, clean start on the palate with the deeper spices adding length and complexity to the mid palate. Soft characters that hint at vanilla linger at the finish along with a strong botanical verve.

SIZE: 50ml

ALC: 42%

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