La Pergola Organic Lugana Seleni 2015

This wine is true to its motherland as the grapes in which it is made from are only able to be grown in the clay-like conditions in Lugana. It prides itself on its early days as this careful nurturing has allowed the wine to be organic.

On the nose, Lugana is flowery with delicate hints of herbs, grapefruit and ripe apple.

The clay in which Lugana hails from gives the wine its sturdy structure and rich mineral content. Whether its pasta, rice, freshwater fish or white meat for dinner, it'll be a prize to have in your glass.

Region: Lugana
Location: Italy
Grapes: Turbiana
Closure: Cork
Alcohol: 13.5%
Awards & Recognition:
Gold Medal - BIO Millesime Award, France
Certified Organic Wine

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