Kold Cosmopolitan Cocktails (2 x 225ml pouches)

The sophisticated cosmopolitan. A delicious combination of cranberries, lime, orange liqueur and pure, triple-distilled grain vodka.  Each box contains two ready-to-freeze pouches.

Kold is a British brand but they take their inspiration from the vibrant nightlife and ice bars of Scandinavia, adding cool refinement to the classic cocktail.


The cocktails are made in small batches using only pure distilled spirits like triple-distilled grain vodka and complex barrel aged white rum and the finest natural fruit juices and extracts for a genuine, bar-quality result.

Conveniently packaged in a unique single-serve freezable pouches, each cocktail can be served at home straight from the freezer to a glass for an authentic cocktail experience, without the hassle. With no need to add anything at all, you simply freeze, squeeze and enjoy!

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