Grand Maestro Italiano Governo All'Uso Toscano IGT 2018

This magical Maestro is full, elegant, silky and one of the best value wines we've had to date.

The winemakers at Grand Maestro use a technique known locally as 'Governo' when creating their bottles of Toscano Rosso. This involves leaving some of the grapes to partially dry, before they are added into the vat of fermenting grapes, helping to complete fermentation. This gives the resulting drop notes of rich dried fruit like currants and prunes, increasing its intensity and leading to a fuller body. It would go great with a perfectly cooked rack of lamb, or rich beef ragu. Drink it now!

Lynnette Hudson, Experienced Winemaker and Advisor "Governo is the name for this winemaking technique supposedly developed in Tuscany where grapes are harvested and dried in the lofts (today they use warehouses with specific humidity and temperature control). These dried grapes are added to a vat of red grapes which have almost finished fermenting. This produces wines with aromas of dried and baked fruit, generous round fruit on the palate and like the previous wine, the sensation of some sweetness, but the wine is dry." 


Merlot, Sangiovese

17/20, Wine Central Tasting Panel

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