Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc 2019

"Wanting to go a bit easier on the alcohol this summer but still have a glass in hand? Look no further than the 0% Sauvignon Blanc from Giesen a wine with the alcohol removed, that doesn’t compromise on taste. The process of removing the alcohol is difficult, but the result is a wine that still has the aroma, depth and taste you would expect from any other Marlborough Sauv. Quintessential notes of lemon, green grass and blackcurrant leaf are obvious. Grab a bottle and let us know if you can spot the difference!" - 17/20, Wine Central Tasting Panel

A world first from Marlborough! That's right, this here is the first ever alcohol-removed Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It's flavour and quality is achieved by producing a juicy Marlborough Sauv as usual then putting it into spinning core technology to remove the alcohol. So it's a true blue Sauv, just void of alcohol!

"Aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing, with the varietal characteristics you know and love." - Giesen

It's lower in calories too. Offering only only 10.6 calories per 125ml serving.

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