French Rosé 6 Bottle Case

A bright, crunchy, crisp collection of wines from the home of pale pink and sophisticated Rosé! All sourced direct and exclusive to Wine Central. Great to have on hand as the weather warms.

Each case contains one of each of -

Belrose Rosé 2020 This 2020 vintage from Belrose is an easy drinking, blushing pink, rose from France. A great drop to serve alongside food or even on its own. Notes of tiny, ripe cherries and tart raspberries make this the perfect match for fresh seafood, soft white cheeses or with a light, fruity dessert. Try it now and then come back to us when you need a case!

Belles du Sud Nach Rosé Gris 2019 Grenache Gris is dusky pink mutation of the more well-known red Grenache grape, and has flavours of stone fruit and citrus. It blends well with Cinsault to create a wine thats fruity and bright, a great one to try with aromatic dishes like Thai green curry, Pad Thai, or fresh salmon sashimi.

Mademoiselle Comedie Rosé 2020 Light in colour, but bold in flavour, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a tipple for the warmer months. Bordeauxs big three (Merlot, Cab Sauv and Cab Franc) have been used in the 2020 vintage to create a wine with great depth of flavour and with the ability to stand up to heartier foods like barbequed lamb cutlets, or ripe watermelon served with tart chevre. Grab a case before we sell out, it wont last long! Drink now.

Fleurs de Prairie Rosé 2020 A mouth-watering French Rosé from the idyllic region of Provence where the grapes enjoy Mediterranean influences while growing, ripen to perfection on the vines then are picked first thing in the morning to retain fruit flavours.

Orée des Roses Rosé 2020 This pleasant Rose has aromas of red fruit, such as ripe raspberries, wild strawberries, and a reflection of tropical fruit. It is round and delicious on the palate and makes an ideal aperitif. It also pairs well with grilled meats, salads, and Asian dishes.

Soupcon de Fruit Loire Rosé 2020 Easy drinking, well balanced, fresh, fruity and not to be missed. Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, think sweet strawberries, crushed raspberries and a hint of lemon and pink grapefruit. Drink now and into the summer of 20/21.

Pack subject to change due to availability.

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