Estrella Damm Lager (12x 330ml Bottles)

Estrella Damm is a premium, authentic lager from Barcelona. The beer takes its name from Estrella the Spanish word for 'star' and Damm, the founding family's name.

A genuine import from the iconic, cultural city in the Mediterranean that brings the essence of the Mediterranean ‘way of life’ to its drinkers. 

Brewed to the same recipe since 1876, using 100% natural, Mediterranean ingredients, it is renowned for its links to gastronomy, art and culture.  Unlike other beers Estrella Damm is fermented for three weeks, most other beers are only fermented for one. All Estrella Damm’s malt barley is produced in its own malt house. They are one of the few breweries in the world to do this.  Golden in colour, this crisp lager is rounded with dark-roasted notes to give it personality and final flavour.

It is a beer that appeals to those seeking something authentic, who enjoy living the good life, surrounded by friends, food, art and music.

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