Clos St Vincent St Emiion Grand Cru 2015

The technical team at Clos Saint-Vincent makes every effort to respect the terroir and produce the eponymous wine in the purest Bordeaux tradition.

The slow maceration enables the preservation of the fruit flavours necessary for the harmony of wines matured in barrels. All of these precautions enhance the controlled balance of the wine, whose elegant palate reveals notes of red fruit, followed by black fruit and then silky tannins on the finish.

The wines from Clos Saint- Vincent, in the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation, offer a perfect example of the classic Bordeaux style: an exercise in balance, uniting the cardinal qualities of the wine in the expression of fruit and a hint of woodiness from barrel ageing.

The property's 17 hectares present the tightly woven fabric of remarkable, uniform terroir. A vein of gravel runs through it, giving the wines a silky quality that can be attributed to the tannins. This unusual feature is conducive to the expression of a certain precision which is reflected in the purity of the property's wines. Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon play their roles in the complex dialogue demanded by harmonious terroirs that are the source of the subtlety of expressive wines.

Entrusted to Saint Vincent, the patron saint of winegrowers, the tendency of the well-named Clos is to produce wines that represent the traditional Bordeaux style. Plot selection is particularly meticulous, given that some of the vines are more than 60 years old. We are dedicated to preserving and making the most of this heritage.

N/A Alcohol Level
Cork Seal

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