Claymore Bitter Sweet Symphony Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Pretty, inviting lifted varietal notes of blackcurrant, cassis and subtle menthol. As the wine opens up more savoury notes of dried herb, bay leaf and dark brambles. There is a hint of amarone-esque fruit concentration, a nod to the ripeness of some of our later harvested parcels.

An appealing, delicately balanced and finely structured wine, our 2016 Bittersweet is a generous, medium weight red displaying balanced, youthful fruit characters.
This is a classic example of high altitude, Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with the presence of 5% Merlot noticable in the voluptuous mid palate. Well structured tannins persist on the finish complemented by flavours of an almost tarry, sour black cherry and Christmas cake.

A vintage to challenge us, 2016 come on in a rush and a roar as our Riesling and Shiraz fought for space in the winery. Cabernet was afforded a reprieve courtesy of late season rain events that helped our dry grown vines push through to optimal ripeness in mid April.

Once again a smidge (that’s a technical term) of Merlot gives so much to the finished wine by way of rounding out the edges and softening the sometimes bombastic personality of Cabernet Sauvignon.

- Notes from Claymore

14.3% Alcohol Level
95% Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes
Screw Top Seal

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