Carlsberg Celia Organic Lager Low Gluten Beer (24x 330ml Bottles)

CELIA Organic is an organic Czech lager containing 100% Saaz hops and Moravian malt. CELIA is traditionally batch brewed for over two months by Žatecky Pivovar, which is one of several microbreweries co-owned by the Carlsberg Group around the world.

The brewery was established in 1801, and is housed in the castle walls of the city of Žatec. Brewed using a patented de-glutenisation process, CELIA has the benefit of being low gluten, while a silicon filtration technique means the range is also suitable for vegans. In addition, a natural carbonation process is used to give the beers a light mouth feel, without compromising on taste.

4.6% abv.

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