Cantine Du Palme Serre Sussimuneillo 2014

Susumaniello, ring any bells?

You may have heard of it, but we can almost guarantee you haven’t tried it! One of the world’s rarest grape varieties has made it all the way from Puglia to our shores here in NZ. The translation is something along the lines of ‘load like a donkey’ which is in reference to the large amount of fruit its vines produce. Its deep red, with obvious notes of spice and berry a hint of chocolate can even be smelt if left long enough in the glass. Serve at your next dinner party and see what people think, it’s sure to be a talking point!

Susumaniello is an ancient Apulian vine, probably with Dalmatian origins. This strange name takes its meaning from the fact that its vines, above all in the first ten years, produce an exceptional quantity of bunches of grapes: “burdened like a donkey”. The grapes are very rich in sugar and anthocyanins, and have a good percentage of total acidity. They are hand-picked in the second week of September and fermented into horizontal rotating tanks. Maceration on the skins lasts for 14 days. The wine is then racked into French oak barriques where it matures for 6 months. after completing malolactic fermentation, the wine decants in stainless steel vats prior to bottling.

  • Region: Apulia
  • Location: Italy
  • Grapes: Sussumaniello
  • Closure: Cork
  • Alcohol: 13.5%

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