Calabria Pierre D'Amour Rosé 2019

You'll be hard pressed to find a Rosé drinker who doesn't fall for this one...

Refreshing and dry-styled with alluring notes of candy floss and rose petals on the nose that give way to flavours of fresh red berries, classic savoury notes and a fresh finish.

Look out for the healing stone on the bottle - it's a rose quartz crystal which represents 'the stone of love' and promotes emotional healing, love, clarity and calmness.

"Pierre D'Amour translates to 'The Stone of Love' in French. This range is inspired by typically French varieties and styles which we love here in Australia." - Calabria

Gold Riverland Wine Show

Gold China Wine and Spirits Awards 2019

12.5% Alcohol Level
Aglianico, Negroamaro & Shiraz Grapes
Screw Top Seal

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