Butterfly Spice Infused Rum 700ml

These little beauties have a big job in the republic of Trinidad and Tobago come harvest time. The farmers know when to harvest the sugar cane when the butterflies begin to feed on the sap and have in turned named their rum in honor of the insect. Once the sugar cane has been processed it’s aged in oak barrels, giving it that distinct rich spice, fruit cake and vanilla flavor. Drink neat or on the rocks, but don’t use this one for mixing – savor it instead!

Butterfly rum gets it name from how the rum is sourced. The rum comes from pure cane sugar found in Trinidad and only when the butterflies gather is the cane harvested. The spiced rum is infused with a mix of spices and vanilla.

Region: Trinidad
Alcohol: 37.5% 
Silver The Spirits Business 2016

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