Bulldog English Dry Gin 700ml

BULLDOG is the vision of Anshuman Vohra, who, having grown up in the eclectic world of his globetrotting career-diplomat father, acquired a taste for the rare and exotic and a passion for gin. A passion which would ultimately manifest itself in his quest to create a premium white spirit, perfectly balancing the modern and traditional.

Working with a Master Distiller, Anshuman scoured the four corners of the globe for the 12 botanicals, which once quadruple distilled, would create an ultra-smooth gin with depth and subtlety, to challenge conventions and perfectly embody the new and bold aesthetic of the modern drinker. Having created an unexpected and bold gin, he set about designing a bottle to match and Bulldog was born, instantly gained a cult following, first in New York and then around the world and establishing it as the gin for the independent thinker.

Bulldog is a re-invented London Dry Gin to create a smooth, balanced liquid with a citrus base. It’s a pliable and versatile product with multiple layers of flavours for maximum mixability. It starts with triple-distilled neutral grain spirit made with only the finest British wheat and water. But it’s the fourth distillation where the transformation happens, when they add a unique blend of botanicals in their natural format, to the pot still. It's produced at 40% ABV wherever in the world you find it. It achieves the perfect balance to allow the botanicals to express themselves.

40% Alc.

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