Broken Shed Vodka 750ml

Great vodka requires clean and pure ingredients — so there is no better place than New Zealand to craft a spirit. Broken Shed Vodka is made from all natural and renewable sources in Wanaka. The spirit is distilled from pure New Zealand whey (they call it "milk honey"), then blended with spring water from the North and South islands.  The result is a smooth and well-balanced vodka that remains true to the organic flavours of its source. 

Broken Shed Vodka is made without any additives. The clean and crisp taste comes solely from the pureness of the ingredients and proprietary blending techniques. There are few vodkas in the world that are truly additive free. Most of them add sugars or glycerol to mask the harshness of their vodka. Being additive free places more emphasis on the premium quality of a  naturally clean vodka. When you only use natural ingredients and some of the best water on earth, you tend to say "it's all good".

Broken Shed Vodka, like its namesake, began in an old, bruised-up shed in Lake Wanaka. The vodka was handcrafted by two friends who spent over a year refining their filtration process, including testing over ten different water sources from all over New Zealand. 

And while the shed still exists, it has graduated from a poor excuse for a vodka laboratory to a facility for tastings and parties. 

So, to be fair, they do not make their vodka in some old shed on a mountain any more.

Although occasionally (which is code for often), they go back to the broken shed and drink their vodka — they like to think of it as quality control.

40% abv.

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