Broken Heart Gin 700ML

Broken Heart’s message is simple and universal: cherish the moments of in-between with the ones you love because life is fleeting…

The story of Broken Heart Gin begins with two Germans living in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Joerg was a pilot and Bernd an engineer. Both philosophers and master distillers, they formed their friendship around a still and a passion for making gin. But life is no straight line. Bernd fell gravely ill, fought bravely, then sadly died. Joerg decided to share the gin they had crafted with the world and name it Broken Heart.

The gin itself has a delicate balance of eleven herbs and goes excellently with a slither of orange as it brings out the lively flavours within.

Alcohol: 40%
Awards & Recognition:
Silver IWSC 2016 & 2017

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