4 Bottles of Petrus Aged Pale (4x 330ml Bottles) BB:03.11.18

Petrus Aged Pale had a markedly sharp, bone-dry, freshly sour taste. It spends 18 to 24 months maturing in giant oak foeders (casks) before coming to market.

Petrus Aged Pale is the odd one out amongst foeder beers, which traditionally tend to take on a reddish or dark-brown colour in the glass. This beer, brewed using only pale malt, is generally considered one of the best wood-matured pale ales.

Best Before: 3rd November 2018

7.3% abv.

Gold World Beer Awards 2012, World's Best Flavoured Wood Aged
Gold World Beer Awards 2013, World's Best
Gold World Beer Awards 2011, World's Best Pale Ale Speciality
Gold World Beer Awards 2015, World's Best Style Winner
Gold Beer & Cider Awards 2017
Silver Brussels Beer Challenge 2015

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