Borghetti Di Vero Caffe Espresso Liqueur (700ml)

Clear, virtually opaque, very dark brown. Heavily roasted coffee, freshly ground coffee beans and cacao, with walnut, light smoke, biscuit and barbecue charcoal. Bittersweet full roast espresso coffee, hickory and bitter chocolate. Hickory and faintly nutty finish with lingering milk chocolate.

Caffè Borghetti is much more of a liqueur. It is a pleasure sweet, soft, aromatic, which arises from a seductive embrace of alcohol and coffee. The real espresso coffee, made from the finest selection of Arabica and Robusta coffee in huge skilfully blended. Caffè Borghetti is pure tradition it was founded by the same processes of the original recipe of 1860. A method that offers, always refined and authentic flavours.

Fratelli Branca Distillerie is a well-established Italian company operating in the spirits sector. The company, founded over 165 years ago in Milan, has always been controlled and headed by the Branca family, now at the fifth generation. This entrepreneurial story began in 1845, when Bernardino Branca invented the bitter liqueur that would have become popular all over the world.

25% alcohol

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