Belles du Sud Chardonnay 2015

A delightfully soft, round Chardonnay that's balanced by a lively freshness is what makes this Belles du Sud Chardonnay so exciting. A pleasant nose of fresh and dried white fruit and honey. At its best within two years of the harvest date. Serve with fish, seafood or white meat, but can also serve perfectly well chilled as an aperitif.

The winemaker Les Domaines Auriol is a large family business founded in 1995 by Claude Vialade and based in Lezignan, Corbières. The estate produces some wines from their own grapes, for example, in the Corbières, and some of the wines produced from grapes purchased from local vintners. Belles du Sud is one of the lines of the domain. The name Belles du Sud, "beauties from the south," is like the label shows inspired by a distinctive architectural element from the Languedoc, namely the three Graces adorned with an amphora or fruit basket, which in many towns and villages fountain of Main Square ornament. All Belles du Sud wines from its own vineyards are varietal wines (in some cases bi-cépage), or wines of one (or two), grape (s) made. Typical of the wines their fruity character. Thus they are ideally suited as a house wine. The bi-cépage Marsanne / Roussanne is made of approximately 60% Marsanne and 40% Rousanne, both typical southern French wite grapes. This gives an expressive, fruity white wine with many applications.

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