Belcolle Langhe DOC Favorita 2017

Bone dry and brimming with citrus and peaches.

Sound good? This is the perfect quaffer for summer, chilled down and served in a wide brimmed Chardonnay style glass, we can’t think of anything better. Favorita grapes are taken from vineyards located on the low-lying hills of Langhe, in Piedmont north-eastern Italy. There’s much debate around the origins of Favorita, is it simply a synonym for Vermentino? (most grown in north-western Italy) or is it a varietal in its own right? Whatever its origins, the most important thing is how is performs in the glass think citrus and peach, alongside fresh green herbs and a zingy mineral acidity. Serve it as an aperitif or with any fresh seafood. - 4 Stars, 17/20, Wine Central Tasting Panel

14% abv.

14% Alcohol Level
Vermentino Grapes
Cork Seal

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