Battle of Bosworth White Boar 2012

An Aussie take on Amarone with a nose of well-worn leather, dark fruit, dark chocolate, with a full soft palate and fine grained tannins. This wine is plush boasting the signature smoothness and depth of flavour of the Amarone style, and is drinking excellently now.

Amarone is a style of wine made in the Italian region of Valpolicella using 3 indigenous varieties which are picked and then dried on racks before being fermented. Battle of Bostworth adapted the process and cut the canes of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vines to sever the water and nutrient supply from the vine, so that the leaves die and fall off and the fruit dries and concentrates on the vine. They pick the grapes after about 10-12 days and ferment them slowly and then mature the wine in old larger format barrels.

Full certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Preservative free.

McLaren Vale, Australia

14.5% abv. 60% Shiraz and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.

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