Bach Brewing Kingtide Pacific IPA 7% 500ml Bottle BB:17.08.19

A cancelled export order means great pricing on this sought after craft beer while stocks last. True to its Pacific genre, Kingtide weaves a balance between the tropical fruit of the NZ hops and the citrus-pine of the US hops. At 7 per cent, its sweet, mellow, with a broad pillowy mouthfeel. It delivers a multi-layered experience of floral, fruity and charmingly rugged bitterness.

Kingtide is described as a ‘Pacific IPA ' as it is brewed with a caravan full of five character hops from the NZ and US coasts of the Pacific Ocean. That is to say it combines the flavour profile of the already well established APA with the emerging New Zealand Pale Ale style. Of the development of Kingtide Craig Cooper says that he and Kelly brainstormed two recipes for the pilot batch; one with more of a focus on NZ hops, the other with the focus on US hops. Kelly then brewed trial batches of the beer and they decided on the US hop dominant beer as Craig wanted something distinctively different than Hopsmacker .

  • Gold Medal, Trophy Finalist 2015 AIBA
  • Gold Medal 2015 BGNZ

Style: IPA
Size: 500ml Bottle
Alcohol: 7.0%
Best Before: 17.08.19

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