Bach Brewing Mixed Gift Pack (4x 500ml Cans)

What to buy the Kiwi Craft Beer lover? This Bach Brewing mix is a fun, Summery mix of NZ brews from the family-owned gypsy team located between the shores of Auckland's harbours.

This mixed 4-pack contains:

Kingtide Pacific IPA True to its Pacific genre, Kingtide weaves a balance between the tropical fruit of the NZ hops and the citrus-pine of the US hops. At 7 per cent, its sweet, mellow, with a broad pillowy mouthfeel. It delivers a multi-layered experience of floral, fruity and charmingly rugged bitterness. 7% abv.

Supa Juice Hazy IPA Originating from East Coast USA, the New England or Hazy IPA style moves away from the emphasis on hop bitterness towards showcasing hop flavour and aroma reminiscent of tropical fruit juice. 6.2% abv.

Beyond the Clouds West Coast IPA Brewed with juicy Maris Otter malts and loaded with those big name US hops; Centennial,US Cascade and Amarillo, with a touch of relatively new Idaho 7. It's a bit floral, has a zing of citrus, a touch of pine and a hint of black tea. 6.4% abv.

Witsunday Blonde Ale Made from wheat and Pilsner malts, it pours slight cloudy and golden yellow. Tropical aromas of melon, banana and dried hay lead to a full, creamy palate with a great soft hop aroma thanks to the US and NZ hops. Refreshing from start to finish. 5.6% abv.

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