Amarula Cream Liqueur 350ml

Amarula has a distinctive flavour, round and soft in taste. Versatile in terms of mixability. Amarula Cream is best served chilled on the rocks or with crushed ice. It can also be used in cocktails, coffees and deserts.

Light brown to caramel in colour. Fresh, smooth and well rounded. Full creamy taste with nuances of the exotic marula fruit – in taste and aftertaste. Distinctive flavour, round and soft in taste, versatile in terms of mixability. Contains 17% alcohol by volume.

In 2007 Amarula was awarded: Trophy for Best Liqueur in the World at the IWSC competition.

The Amarula Trust was established to manage all Amarula’s local and international corporate social investment projects under one central body. The Amarula Trust slogan is ‘Sustaining communities and Conscious conservation’. By preserving nature and wildlife with creation of employment and symbiotic relationships through initiatives, the Trust hopes to leave a living legacy to future generations.

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