Alska Apple & Winter Spices Cider (500ML)

The Winter Cider is deliciously light and refreshing with a sensuous blend of pear and apple cider, infused with cinnamon and winter spices that delivers a truly satisfying taste. This winter treat from älska is perfect poured over ice, or served warm with a slice of orange to create the perfect mulled cider experience

500 ml 4,5% Vol

Älska is a vibrant Scandinavian fruit cider with delectable flavours and ideal for sharing with friends. Meaning ‘love’ in Swedish, Älska draws on its Stockholm roots and offers scrumptiously fruity and natural refreshment, in six flavours, to be enjoyed all year round.

Älska is made from real fruits and berries, is gluten free and is also suitable for vegans.

Älska is the ultimate summer refreshment, perfect for sharing with friends and creating amazing memories. Its recipes have been developed to offer a smooth, fruity taste, without being too sweet; creating a tantalising tipple which appeals to even those who don’t usually drink cider.

The clean and sophisticated branding on the Älska glass bottles reflects the cider’s Swedish heritage and Stockholm identity, ideal for the young and fashionable looking for a stylish cider.

BB: 30 MAY 2019

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