6x Spiegelau Festival Bordeaux Wine Glasses

Serve fine wines in style with this Spiegelau Festival 456ML Bordeaux glass. Part of the classic Festival line, this glass has a sleek shape that will blend in perfectly with any table setting or bar arrangement.

The large bowl provides plenty of room for air circulation to fully release the wine's flavour profile, enhancing its rich flavours and allowing them to emerge for a more fulfilling experience. Your guests will notice and appreciate the difference as they enjoy a relaxing glass of red wine served out of the proper glass. With its everlasting brilliance, improved breakage resistance, and astonishing lightness for a superior presentation, this glass is a stylish and durable addition to your glassware collection.

The exceptional clarity and durability of this glass are due to Spiegelau's unique Platinum Glass process. The process starts with liquid glass that passes through platinum-lined tubes to eliminate any imperfections and inconsistencies that can be introduced by other linings. This creates a combination of exquisite beauty and reliable performance that has helped make Spiegelau an industry leader in quality.

With glassmaking roots dating to 1521, Spiegelau glassware stands by its time-honoured commitment to detailed craftsmanship. Spiegelau glasses have had their quality put to the test by an independent laboratory, and the results are more than impressive. After 1500 dishwasher cycles, there was no scratching, change in colour, or loss of brilliance found, ensuring that the glasses are extremely dishwasher safe. 



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