6 Bottles of Lewis Road Orange Blossom Cider (6x 518ml Bottles) BB:19.01.19

This Apple Cider with Orange Blossom is made with certified-organic apples from Bostock's orchards in the sunshine-drenched Hawke's Bay and infused with natural orange blossom flavour.

The cider is a clear straw colour and the palate is of crisp dry apples, and citrus botanics. The gentle carbonation effect is designed to reflect that of champagne bead giving it a light bodied botanical zest and floral nose. Best served chilled.

Best Before: 19.01.19

Although this beer is short-dated we are assured it'll drink well up to 12 month past this date. If ever you find the quality isn't up to scratch we'll refund or replace no questions asked. Our 100% guarantee is there to ensure you enjoy what you order.