Grandin Méthode Traditionnelle Rosé NV (6 Bottle Case)

"The Loire Valley is the longest river in France and home to a stunning array of interesting grape varieties which have made their home along the meandering path that it cuts through central France. This rosé is made from lightly pressed red grapes (variety not specified on the label) which had their second fermentation in the bottle, hence the words ‘methode traditionelle’ on the front label – this gives the wine its yeasty flavour notes and complexity. A bargain at this price." - 3.5 Stars, Joelle Thomson, Wine Writer

Grandin is Australasia’ s number one French “Methode Traditionnelle” brand. Very strict standards are enforced to ensure Grandin’s signature style and excellent quality are assured year after year. A bright, fruity rosé inspired by Loire Valley traditions. This rosé obtains its brilliant pink colour by doing a longer pressing of the grapes in a pneumatic press. It is aged for a minimum of 9 months to ensure that the lees impart the maximum aromas and finesse to the wine.

In 1883, Henri Grandin, a lawyer and wine lover, married Mademoiselle Pouillet de Limesle whose family owned Les caves de La Bouveraie, a domain in the Loire Valley. Its cellars were in what used to be Louis XIV’s royal glassworks in the magnificent Château of Ingrandes-sur-Loire. In 1886, he launched the elegant sparkling wine that today still bears his name, Henri Grandin. His wines quickly gained renown, both in Paris and internationally.


Loire Valley, France

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