Bitburger Drive 0% Pils 500ml Can

This beverage is initially created as a normal beer. Then the alcohol is removed by a process of vacuum and heat thereby retaining the flavour and style of Bitburger Pilsner beer. This a a refreshing beer that is low in calories.

So if you want an alcohol free beer, that is low in calories with the same refreshing taste, Bitburger Drive is perfect for you.

0% alc.

BB: 22nd April 2022

Bitburger beers are brewed under German Purity Law meaning they are preservative free. The German Purity Law was established to maintain a consistent level of quality in brewing, and to prevent dangerous experimentation. It was introduced by the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV on the 23rd April 1516. Specifications of the law stipulated that only water, malted barley and hops were allowed to be used as ingredients for beer production, and it remains the oldest surviving law in the world related to food and drink.

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