Bitburger Premium Pils 500ml Can

Without a doubt, pils (also called ‘pilsner’) is Germany’s favourite style of beer. Fans of this style of brewing enjoy the dry, bitter flavour and light colour that is typical of the beers it produces. The name originates from the Bohemian town of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, where it was first produced in 1842, and Bitburger been brewing this style of beer to perfection in Bitburg since 1883. In fact, they used the term "Pilsener" as an official designated beer style in Germany, way back in 1883.

And over the years it’s grown extremely popular –  throughout Germany and around the world.

This straw-coloured pilsner is crystal-clear and perfectly hopped, boasting a light taste and a lasting foam head with extra-fine bubbles. This all combines for a moment of pure pilsner enjoyment.

This gracefully slender pilsner combines intense flavor with a light elegance. On the palate, a fine liveliness brings forth mild fruitiness and freshness with a hint of malty sweetness yielding to a crisp hop tone and ultimately a harmonious finish. For two centuries Bitburger have brewed this beer using only the best ingredients, and following the renowned German Beer Purity laws. It’s no wonder the distinct barrel-fresh taste of the Bitburger Premium Pils is a firm favourite amongst beer fans, and the most popular draft beer in Germany!

4.8% abv.

Bitburger beers are brewed under German Purity Law meaning they are preservative free. The German Purity Law was established to maintain a consistent level of quality in brewing, and to prevent dangerous experimentation. It was introduced by the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV on the 23rd April 1516. Specifications of the law stipulated that only water, malted barley and hops were allowed to be used as ingredients for beer production, and it remains the oldest surviving law in the world related to food and drink.

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