8 Bottles Old Golden Hen (500ml) - BB: 31.03.2017

  • Old Golden Hen is a refreshing golden beer.
  • Strong 4.1% alcohol golden beer from the UK.
  • 8 bottles per case.
  • Best Before: 31 MARCH 2017

The special combination of hops used in “Old Golden Hen” provides an abundance of fragrance. Floral and fruity notes come from the Fuggles, more tropical fruits from the Willamette, and black currant from the Galaxy hop. This beer is light and easy to drink with a level of bitterness that provides a crisp finish which perfectly balances the sweet impact of the intense tropical fruit flavour.
Old Golden Hen is brewed with the finest pale malts and a unique blend of hops, to give it a fresh light taste with tropical fruit notes. No flavour and aroma essences are used— only all natural, brewed ingredients.

Perfectly complements foods such as fish, pasta and salad dishes. Also pairs with BBQ and pizza.

If you’re concerned that you have to drink it all soon, here’s what food website eatbydate.com says about beer: “… when properly stored, the shelf life of bottled beer past its best before date is approximately: 6-9 Months past Best Before if stored in pantry, and 6 months to 2 Years if stored in the fridge”

So you can be pretty confident the stuff will still be as good as ever.

Greene King is a British brewery established in 1799 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. It has grown to become the largest British owned brewery in the UK . It was established in 1799 by Benjamin Greene, the great-grandfather of the writer Graham Greene and his brothers Hugh (television executive) and Raymond (Everest mountaineer and physician). Greene King brews all of its beers in Bury St Edmunds, where ale has been a feature of life since at least as far back as 1086.

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